Big Tech companies have already given away more than $4 million to 2020 election Congressional and Presidential candidates. Shouldn't this concern every American?

November 7, 2019

(Photo Credit: CNN Broadcast of the October 2019 Democratic Party Presidential Debate; Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders) 


(Editor's Note: The only changes to this story are exact money amounts as opposed to general money amounts.  All of the money sum totals for each candidate are from Alphabet Inc., Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Twitter and do not include the money totals from a Google political action committee (PAC).  This story was edited on December 17th, 2019.) 


According to the Center for Responsive Politics’ ( latest data from October 16th that they received from the FEC, Bernie Sanders has raised the most money out of all of the Democratic Party presidential candidates in receiving money from Big Tech companies.


He has accepted $416,167 during the 2020 election campaign cycle from Big Tech companies.


Those Big Tech companies are Alphabet Inc., Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Twitter.  They have combined to give more than $4 million to Congressional candidates and/or Presidential candidates.


The largest sums of that for Sanders have come from Alphabet ($163,458), Amazon ($134,224) and Apple ($88,182).


Facebook has given Sanders $26,901 while Twitter has given him $3,402.


And I haven’t even mentioned Google yet.


Did you notice that?


Major Democratic Party presidential contenders say that they haven’t taken any money from Big Tech companies. 


These contenders haven’t taken money from Google but they have taken money from Alphabet who is the parent company of Google…so there you go.


A Google political action committee (PAC) has already given out $375,000 to 2020 election cycle Congressional and Presidential candidates.


Elizabeth Warren has accepted the second most amount of money from Big Tech companies at $385,774.


She has taken $200,111 from Alphabet Inc., $75,830 from Amazon and $68,461 from Apple.


Warren has received $28,880 from Facebook and $12,492 from Twitter.


So she has more money than Sanders has from Alphabet, Facebook and Twitter.


Pete Buttigieg has taken $358,006 from Big Tech companies, the third most among Democratic Party presidential candidates.


He has received $174,430 from Alphabet, $65,908 from Amazon, $61,034 from Apple, $51,158 from Facebook and $5,476 from Twitter.


Buttigieg has accepted more money from Facebook than either Sanders or Warren.


Kamala Harris has received $269,870 from Big Tech companies.


She has taken $120,008 from Alphabet, $59,523 from Apple, $42,821 from Amazon, $34,396 from Facebook and $13,122 from Twitter. 


Harris has more money from Twitter than Buttigieg, Sanders or Warren.


Andrew Yang has raised over $140,000 from Big Tech companies at the moment.  To be precise, he has raised $144,731.  


He has taken $60,589 from Alphabet, $44,474 from Amazon, $21,142 from Facebook, $16,293 from Apple and $2,233 from Twitter.


Meanwhile, other Democratic Party presidential candidates who have received significant amounts of money but less than $100,000 from Big Tech companies are Cory Booker ($85,525), Joe Biden ($82,516) and Tulsi Gabbard ($40,321).


The following Democratic Party presidential candidates have accepted less than $25,000: Julian Castro has accepted $17,459, Amy Klobuchar ($16,175), Michael Bennet ($11,676) and Steve Bullock ($10,604).  Klobuchar gave $500 back to Google.


Beto O’Rourke ($83,613) and Jay Inslee ($79,377) also accepted large amounts of money, but they have dropped out of the race for the White House in 2020.


Former Democrat presidential candidates Kirsten Gillibrand accepted $20,241, while Eric Swalwell ($10,383) and John Hickenlooper ($10,127) have each accepted at least $10,000+.  Swalwell has accepted $1,000 from Google.


Sanders ($5), Warren ($10) and Inslee ($20) also have accepted money from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).


Meanwhile, President Trump, a Republican, has accepted $18,859 from Big Tech companies. 


He has received $7,587 from Amazon, $5,100 from Apple, $3,322 from Alphabet and $2,850 from Facebook.


Many Congressional candidates have received at least $1,000 from Big Tech companies.


Shouldn't this concern every American that Big Tech companies are seriously trying to influence the United States' of America's elections in 2020?




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